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Marble & Granite Countertops

Selecting the right type of stone for your kitchen can make a huge difference, it can add sophistication to a kitchen or make a bathroom look modern and clean. The abundance of marble colors and types available gives you the freedom to mix and match to see what looks best. No matter which type you decide to install, marble countertops can add a great visual impact no matter where it’s placed. Marble offers classic beauty, being naturally cool and heat resistance, it's great for any kitchen.

Granite countertops are a durable and distinctive looking natural stone that can add color and depth to any surface and in many cases it can increase a home’s overall value. Whether you are a homeowner looking to renovate and increase the resale value of your home or simply someone who wants to remodel your kitchen, countertops or anything else we are here to help you.

We are authorized distributors and installers of marble & granite in the areas of Palm Beach & West Palm Beach, FL. Give us a call today for a complete estimate in your next project.

In-Pietra 3D Panels

In-Pietra brings natural marble, limestone and travertine in a whole new way never seen before, top of the line texture and beauty creates the perfect combination in luxury stone design. Using advanced technology creates high-end amazing 3D wall panels with unique characteristics that are applicable to contemporary architecture and modern design. As In-Pietra authorized distributors we can offer a large selection of luxury wall coverings & panels, to learn more about In-Pietra 3D panels be sure to check out our catalog or call for more information.

Luxe By Elvic - Luxury Kitchens

We are authorized distributors of Luxe By Elvic, a technologically advanced product which involves various industrial processes perfect for any luxury kitchen. This unique product has a decorative panel which has a high-gloss finish on one surface, and in the back it's covered in decorative paper in the same design. Nothing in the market comes close to the quality, colors, gloss-level and texture that Luxe by Elvic offers. To learn more about our luxury kitchen line contact us today.

Our simple 4-step process for your dream kitchen!

1. Measure

The very first thing we need to do after you have selected the type of marble or granite product you want to use on your kitchen is measure the space to know exactly how much we will need to use.

2. Plan

It's crucial that you plan every aspect of the look you want for your space, knowing the measurements is the first step but having a clear picture of what you want will help us deliver exactly what you want.

3. Order

Once you have a clear idea of which granite or marble product and how much of it you need the next step is to order it. Of course we'll give you a detailed estimate on product cost and installation.

4. Installation

The final step is to install your chosen product, we'll let you know how long will it take and our work will be guaranteed. We have many satisfied, happy clients and you'll be another one.

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